Focus Group – FOCUS TAPE 2023

I’m very excited to share the finale to the FOCUS TAPE trio, FOCUS TAPE 2023! This year, the only submissions allowed were collaboration tracks, creating a great mix of sounds and styles. I really hope you enjoy this one! All proceeds in 2023 were donated to The Samaritans mental health charity.

Jakku – BRKWRK V.2

I don’t have too much to mention about this album! BRKWRK V.2 is a selection of tracks i’d worked since the release of BRKWRK V.1. I don’t like to think of myself as a music artist anymore, however, I did feel the need to release these tracks that were just sitting on my computer. I […]

Focus Group – FOCUS TAPE 2022

I’m definitely not ashamed to admit that FOCUS TAPE 2022 is my favourite release on the label by far. This album is an absolutely fantastic celebration of what we were able to achieve in 2022. I’ve said this before in the discord server, however, I definitely think every artist featured here put so much effort […]

Temma – gro​†​step

Much alike Andy, Temma has been a supporter of focusonthe since the very beginning, taking part in our remix albums as well as the focus group compilation albums! Having Temma as part of the label is fantastic in my eyes, focusonthe was beginning to look like a breakcore label, with so many breakcore artists and […]


Not too much can be said for this release that hasn’t been said already for the original album. I’d had ideas about making a remix album for 5D TETRIS shortly after it’s original release – once our community had started to blossom. After mentioning this to a few early focus artists, I was sent some […]

Focus Group – CHAOSCORE 06/04/2022

This album is wild. I look back very fondly on the nights we spent creating this. One night, in March 2022, I’d been out drinking and came back home in the late hours of the night with the genius idea of making a whole album before I went to sleep (This didn’t happen, for obvious […]

lhk – i feel online (deluxe)

After being friends with lhk for around a year, I still had no clue he’d been making music. Upon the original release of this album on Lost Frog, I was so surprised that my friend I’d known for a year was talented at making music but was yet to mention it at all. I really […]

Focus Group – FOCUS TAPE 2021

FOCUS TAPE 2021 was a MASSIVE achievement for the label, one I look back on very fondly. With a track from each focusonthe artist at the time, as well as some label friends, Aphextwinsucks as well as Andy pls & Temma (before they became artists on the label!). Releasing this felt like a great achievement, […]