After being friends with lhk for around a year, I still had no clue he’d been making music. Upon the original release of this album on Lost Frog, I was so surprised that my friend I’d known for a year was talented at making music but was yet to mention it at all.

I really wanted a physical release of i feel online, however lost frog was incredibly busy releasing other projects, as well as COVID-19 effecting Japan’s shipping at the time. Because of this, I decided to reach out to Haruo (Lost Frog’s manager and also one of the nicest guys on planet earth) to see if he’d be open to us doing a re-release on focusonthe. Not only was he super happy with us doing this, he also sent over the artwork files for me to edit and use for physicals.

Check out Lost Frog Productions here;

I’m in love with the extra track made by lhk for the deluxe version, as well as all the remixes from the talented artists in our community.

This was a temporary artwork I was using for the deluxe release, before lhk decided on using purple for the final version.

Listen to i feel online (deluxe) here;

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