The way this album came to be involved with focusonthe is a story of crazy coincidences, which I can’t wait to tell.

Back a few years ago, during lockdown I spent some time being active in the official glue70 discord server, as I was a huge fan of his music at the time and had been for many years.

There had been a room in there where people would share their music, I would often listen to what was shared there as I love to listen to what people create. A music duo called DIV_0 released an EP on bandcamp called VOL_1. I really enjoyed the tracks on that album especially Back To Dust.

Fast forward to 2022, I’d discovered bootlxgg and become a huge fan of his music. When DIVDRILL2K22 originally released, one of the bonus tracks was by DIV_0, which blew my mind! I reached out to Carter, who originally shared VOL_1 in the glue70 discord server and asked how he knew bootlxgg. As it turns out, DIV_0 was bootlxgg and chapters226!

Becoming a fan of somebody on two seperate occasions is such a crazy coincidence, noticing their skill both times can’t go unnoticed! Although they weren’t interested in joining focusonthe, I really wanted to share their music so I offered to do a CD release of DIVDRILL2K22 for them. Thankfully they said yes!

Listen to DIVDRILL2K22 here;

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