This album is wild. I look back very fondly on the nights we spent creating this.

One night, in March 2022, I’d been out drinking and came back home in the late hours of the night with the genius idea of making a whole album before I went to sleep (This didn’t happen, for obvious reasons). I’d decided to stream the process on discord and fairly quickly, I remember Andy pls and 5ubaruu joined quite quickly, as I imagine I was making a fool of myself.

After setting up parsec for Andy and 5ubaruu to control Ableton, allowing us to take turns creating new sections. Shortly after this, I remember falling asleep with my camera still on and waking up every now and then to Andy playing Daft Punk’s Robot Rock as loud as my PC would allow.

After everybody had got bored and left the Discord, I remember waking up to a 5 minute long chaotic track that everybody had provided a section to. After sitting on this track for about a week or two, I let everybody produce their own short section which I would mix into this behemoth of a track.

This is an early artwork I used on CHAOSCORE, made after only the first night.

Listen to CHAOSCORE 06/04/2022 here;

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  1. I remember the early stages of Chaoscore. It was really fun seeing what everyone was doing and adding on to it. I wish I were able to contribute on it but i had just joined the server lol.

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