Not too much can be said for this release that hasn’t been said already for the original album.

I’d had ideas about making a remix album for 5D TETRIS shortly after it’s original release – once our community had started to blossom. After mentioning this to a few early focus artists, I was sent some fantastic remixes that I knew had to be released in some form.

Originally conceptualised as a remix album alone, this album eventually released with the original 3 fantastic tracks to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of it’s release.

I am very thankful to the incredibly talented aphextwinsucks, saves, Temma, Andy pls, healspirit1, strxwberrymilk and SeyNoe for being so keen to take part in this project.

A fairly early concept artwork for “5D TETRIS MIX & REMIX”

Listen to 5D TETRIS MIX & REMIX here;

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