Author: Jakku

  • Artist Spotlight – Bvilches

    Artist Spotlight – Bvilches

    Bvilches is a name that’s slightly newer to the focusonthe community, although he has made his name very familiar to those active on soundcloud and in our Discord server. Thank you very much to Bvilches for taking the time to answer some questions for the first artist spotlight article on our site! You’ve been quite […]

  • Temma – SH!T

    Temma – SH!T

    SH!T is Temma’s second full length album on focusonthe since joining the family early last year. Despite being released fairly soon after his previous album, gro†step, SH!T has a very different yet memorable sound. I remember when Temma first sent me the full version of the album, I sat and listened while being super high […]

  • Chapters226 x Bootlxgg – Spangle Beats Beat Tape Vol. 2

    Chapters226 x Bootlxgg – Spangle Beats Beat Tape Vol. 2

    Although this project was just included as a bonus download with DIVDRILL 2K22, this album is a great representation of Chapters226 & Bootlxgg’s production skill. The 25-track long beat tape includes a bunch of unique beats, as well as drill flips of popular songs from decades past and internet culture. If you’re looking to relax […]

  • Chapters226 x Bootlxgg – DIVDRILL2K22

    Chapters226 x Bootlxgg – DIVDRILL2K22

    The way this album came to be involved with focusonthe is a story of crazy coincidences, which I can’t wait to tell. Back a few years ago, during lockdown I spent some time being active in the official glue70 discord server, as I was a huge fan of his music at the time and had […]

  • Chapters226 & Bootlxgg – Artist Interview

    Chapters226 & Bootlxgg – Artist Interview

    I’m happy to announce the next focusonthe release will be DIVDRILL2K22! Despite not being label artists themselves, I wanted to test the waters and try new things with focusonthe. We’ll be releasing the album on CD, as well as their next beat tape together, which will be included as a bonus for any fans 🙂 […]

  • dokxid – Artist Interview

    dokxid – Artist Interview

    As I’m sure you know, earlier this year we welcomed the wonderful dokxid to the focusonthe family. I spent some time with dokxid, asking her a selection of questions to help you learn more about her and her musical influences! What inspired you to start making music? Music was that one creative area that I […]

  • unbecome111 – materialcore

    unbecome111 – materialcore

    Much like many other artists on focus, I think you can really tell unbecome111’s evolution as an artist from listening to the first album he released, to the latest. Although the sound of each track varies a fair amount throughout this album, each track is well produced and interesting – from the more ambient to […]

  • Jakku – BRKWRK V.2

    Jakku – BRKWRK V.2

    I don’t have too much to mention about this album! BRKWRK V.2 is a selection of tracks i’d worked since the release of BRKWRK V.1. I don’t like to think of myself as a music artist anymore, however, I did feel the need to release these tracks that were just sitting on my computer. I […]

  • SeyNoe – SoulBound

    SeyNoe – SoulBound

    If not Andy’s all my followers are my friends, SeyNoe’s SoulBound probably has my favourite album artwork on the label. The fantastic Voipetsu offered his 3d modelling skillset and experience to help us achieve the vision SeyNoe and I both had. Releasing exactly one year after SeyNoe World, SoulBound manages to stand apart from it’s […]

  • Focus Group – FOCUS TAPE 2022

    Focus Group – FOCUS TAPE 2022

    I’m definitely not ashamed to admit that FOCUS TAPE 2022 is my favourite release on the label by far. This album is an absolutely fantastic celebration of what we were able to achieve in 2022. I’ve said this before in the discord server, however, I definitely think every artist featured here put so much effort […]