Bvilches is a name that’s slightly newer to the focusonthe community, although he has made his name very familiar to those active on soundcloud and in our Discord server. Thank you very much to Bvilches for taking the time to answer some questions for the first artist spotlight article on our site!

You’ve been quite active in posting music on SoundCloud for around a year now. Who or what inspired you to begin making and releasing music?

This may sound kinda cheesy, but I really liked Venetian snares’ and Squarepusher’s music and I wanted to emulate that style but with more to it.

Later on I discovered Japanese breakcore and was completely amazed by how complex the breaks sounded (mainly Kyou1110, Supire, Yoxtellar and ELECTR).

After listening to them I started making my breakcore more intricate and complex in odd time signatures, mainly 7/4 or 11/4. Sometimes it would take me 3 days to 2 weeks just to finish a single track.

That’s awesome – thank you!

What is your favorite album of all time and why?

Breakcore wise my favourite album of all time is Cavalcade of Glee & Happy hardcore Pom Poms by Venetian snares. It’s so complex and has very intricately programmed drums. I just love the complexity of the album.

That’s awesome! How about non-breakcore. Would you have another all around favourite album?

Oooh that one is a little tricky. Id say my favorite album non breakcore wise has to be Undesignated Proximate by dgoHn. I Iove the eerie atmosphere coped by jungly sounding breakbeats and deep basslines of that album. I always listen to it whenever I walk at night.

That’s awesome – love it!

Out of the songs you’ve released so far on SoundCloud, do you have a personal favourite? If so, what do you like so much about this track?

My favourite track I’ve done so far has to be Complexities. I feel like this one I added a lot of detail to the melodies and breaks and I’m very proud how it turned out!

Do you have any plans for how you would like to progress as an artist?

Hmm not so sure. I wanna try doing more EPs than doing albums. I’m thinking of doing my 2nd ever EP after I finish my 3rd album. I also wanna try doing more tracks for compilations though.

Are there any projects you are currently working on that you’d like to share – or just anything you’d like to plug?

So far I have a raggacore ish breakcore track im doing at the moment. I made a video showcasing it!

Thank you so much to Bvilches for taking the time with me to answer some questions. I greatly encourage you to take some time to listen to some of their music. I look forward to hearing what you come out with in the future, Bvilches!

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