Andy pls – all my followers are my friends

Not only was this Andy’s first first full length album on focusonthe, this was his first solo album! Andy was one of the first supporters of focusonthe, and one of our first label friends too – I was super excited to welcome him as a label artist. Absolutely everybody you ask about Andy, will tell […]

Andy pls & strxwberrymilk – Andy Milk

Andy Milk is a really fun short project from Andy pls and strwberrymilk, two fantastically talented focus artists. strxw and Andy’s styles compliment eachother perfectly on this short release. All tracks (including the cassette bonus track!) are really fun and don’t try to take themselves too seriously. This is a mock-up artwork I made for […]

Andy pls & saves – vitamin dose

vitamin dose is one of those albums that gets better every time you listen to it. Andy pls and saves’ creative styles work together perfectly throughout all three sides of this project. With each side boasting a unique production style and genre, the three fit together perfectly into a fantastically produced journey of sound. After […]