If not Andy’s all my followers are my friends, SeyNoe’s SoulBound probably has my favourite album artwork on the label. The fantastic Voipetsu offered his 3d modelling skillset and experience to help us achieve the vision SeyNoe and I both had.

Releasing exactly one year after SeyNoe World, SoulBound manages to stand apart from it’s older brother. After a period in 2022 when SeyNoe was unable to make music, SoulBound began production. I remember hearing certain snippets of demos SeyNoe had been working on and being so surprised he had managed to improve as a producer during this time.

The album artwork, designed by Voipetsu and I was supposed to look like an old pre-rendered video game cover (much like anything from the ps1/dreamcast era) and I think we pulled this look off perfectly. I think it worked especially well with the album’s CD release having a CD designed to look like a game disc.

I’m very much looking forward to SeyNoe’s future music endeavours, I hope you are all ready for a change of pace and sound 😉

A silly old work in progress album art

Listen to SoulBound here;

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