Around the time I had finished SoulBound, I had expressed to Jakku my doubts that the album would never live up to SeyNoe World – I had thought for a bit that nothing might. But when the CD came in the mail and I popped it in my CD player, I really took it all in, from the artwork to the heavy inspiration I took from. I could really appreciate it all and I was happy with what I created – even if it won’t live up to SeyNoe World.

Somewhere around mid-production of the album I just wasn’t feeling myself. Too many things inconveniently tore me down but I brought myself back up, bigger and better then I was before.

Unfortunately for some, one of those things is that I grew bored of making Orbcore. I just wasn’t feeling up to making it anymore for a bit. On a less heavy note, when I saw the first mock up of the cover with the 3D model, the first thing I thought of was that meme of some dude holding up 4 fingers.

The Meme In Question

This album I took heavy inspiration from, to be honest you definitely hear it. Classic Bye2 album and probably my favorite.

I did say at the listening party that I would release the notable sample list “soon”, only took about 80 years.

脱​走​し​た​神 is the rough translation of Deity Escapism

MindBody 系​統​誤​差 is the rough translation of MindBody Systematic Error

I used the track “The War Against The Evil Giygas!” from the EarthBound OST as a chopping sample on Hell Hazard and an intro for CREATED NOT BORN.

Welp that’s about all, SoulBound concludes then end of the Orbcore Arc for now… I am done with it but I hope you all will enjoy the next Arc, YOU CAN EITHER GET DOWN OR LAY DOWN!!

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