Way back in June 2021, I created my first album “BRKWRK V.1”. After self releasing a few mixtapes and beat tapes before this, I decided I’d like to release with a label. I didn’t know where to look, or where to even begin – I decided to create my own record label to release on.

Greatly inspired by the sounds of 90’s jungle artists such as Adam F, Photek and more, I tried to add a more modern spin to the classic jungle sound. Little did I know at this point, there was a MASSIVE community of jungle fans on the internet I was yet to be aware of.

On release, I decided to create cassette copies of my album, hoping to sell a few to friends. It was quite expensive to cash out the money to get the cassettes dubbed and printed, however I think doing so really motivated me to keep going with focusonthe.

Listen to BRKWRK V.1 here;

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