When we re-released this album on focusonthe, strxwberrymilk had already accumulated a large discography, despite the fact he had only been releasing music for a year! To celebrate this, we planned to create a strxwberrymilk cassette box set, which unfortunately fell through.

We still wanted to make some physical copies of the older strxwberrymilk releases, so we thought no better place to start than his first album “The Escape from Blue Marble”. Much like the re-release of lhk’s i feel online, strxwberrymilk updated the release with a new track and a new redesigned album artwork.

We decided to base the new artwork off of the original one, while using colours and designs from strxw’s newer branding and artstyles. Both lhk and I spent know today.

The original artwork for The Escape from Blue Marble

Listen to The Escape from Blue Marble here;

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